Ashleigh’s Journey

I first connected with Ashleigh over Instagram, I reached out to her because I related to her. I had a similar story to Ashleigh and I already felt connected to her even though I had no idea who she was, other than she was a friend of a friend. I felt the need to get in touch with her, and I had this feeling that she was special and that I needed more people like her in my life, so I did.


After meeting Ashleigh and hearing her story and understanding her journey I always knew I wanted her to be featured on my website. She is one of the most beautiful woman I know, inside and out. She is so down to earth, kind and sensitive but with this edge and rawness to her that I so love.


So before you read her story I just want to say thank you to Ashleigh for letting me in and letting me photograph your beauty. I feel like I have known you forever though we only recently connected. That’s the thing about Ashleigh, she is one of those people who just want to be around, she glows.

This blue eyed sassy blonde hasn’t always felt as confident as she did today, though you wouldn’t know it.

Throughout Ashleigh’s life she has struggled with how she looked with her weight affecting her confidence. She has always had the most beautiful soul and personality but such things can affect how Ashleigh was with social events and even her closest friends.

Ashleigh had mostly a good relationship with her friends but it was always hard to not compare herself to her “skinnier” friends back when she was young, she felt every time they would go out and meet new people she would think the first thing they would notice was her because of her weight, she never felt like she fitted in and because of this she would always hide in the background or exclude herself because of her inner demons.


Over the years Ashleigh has had some personal experiences that had lead her to where she is now, even though it is always crippling at the time, those times mean growth. Ashleigh finally took control of her health and her well-being and over the past 3 years she has shed 35 kgs. A truly inspirational woman for many, she has shown us what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.

Ashleigh is one of the most determined women I know.

Though I didn’t know Ashleigh at the start of her journey I can see it in the way she carries herself, she respects her body, she understands what it takes and she knows that the only person that can change how she feels is herself, and I truly respect that.


Ashleigh started going to the gym at Cbay fitness at the start of the year after an injury, and is now in the middle of a 8 week challenge which has taken her to the next level of her fitness and health journey.

She has committed to this challenge which hasn’t been easy but the support and motivation she receives from the staff at Cbay is what keeps her going! She loves the vibe that classes have, the trainers that push her, and the community of Cbay that drive her for more than just being okay – she want’s to be her best!

Ashleigh’s story is not over just yet because she knows that this is her lifestyle now, she will never go back to feeling how she used too. Ashleigh is strong, she is fit and now she is healthy – mind, body and soul.

I had so much fun photographing Ashleigh, her laugh is infectious and her eyes are to die for! She was a total goof ball which you can see in some of these photo’s but the best thing was she was having fun and embracing who she is and how she got there, it was so empowering to see and to be apart of.

So, thank you.


Much love,

Hayley x