John's Tampoline



A few weeks ago we helped a little boy (John) get a new tramp!


Some may have seen it in the newspaper that his tramp was stolen right from his backyard.

It really sucks seeing things like this happen to a child but it’s even harder for John. John is autistic and his tramp was his way of releasing some of his energy and a good way to ground himself.

So when his tramp was stolen it was a huge hit for John and his mum Tamzin to take.

I always think if you can help someone why would you not, if you can ease someone else’s pain then you should make it your duty to do so.

Together we did this for John and I am so happy for all of you that helped this little boy. John and Tamzin will be forever grateful for your generosity and I am so proud of us all. Sometimes you think your little bit wont mean much, but to others it means the world.
We raised $300 in just over 24 hours, and the left over money went to CCS. After talking to Tamzin we decided this was the best place for it to go to reach others in the South Canterbury community.

These are some photo’s I had taken right after John saw his new surprise!

I know John and Tamzin will appreciate this more than we all know.