5 Tips On How Not To Be Basic AF



5 tips on how to NOT be basic AF I’m sure you have all heard the term “basic”. If you haven’t, then here’s the definition straight from Google themselves:


As slang, basic refers to someone who is unwilling or afraid to express individuality. If you are basic, then you are ultra-conformist, not unique, and status-seeking through group association. You are not offensive and may be a little boring. Sounds pretty rough huh? For me “basic” just means someone that is not wanting to be themselves because of the social status. I’m all for empowerment and freedom to be whoever you are so, here are my top tips on how to NOT be basic AF.


1. Selfies – I’m all for a good selfie but if your uploading them to social media platforms and checking your “likes” every 10 mins – you ain’t doing that for yourself. Your doing that to prove to others how hot you are. – Basic AF.


2. Gossiping – Yeap I also love a good gossip session with my bestie. We do it over coffee and cake, it’s good for the soul. BUT the difference between this and being a basic b***ch is that it’s not nasty! And, we don’t make it our job to make sure people know the “right” story. – There is a difference my friends!


3. Trends – If you don’t actually like what is trending in fashion, don’t bloody wear it. Who cares if it’s the “in” thing if YOU feel uncomfortable in it (even if all your friends are wearing it). Try not to be Basic AF and just wear what you want.


4.Standing up – Have you ever seen a group of people jump in on social media platform and follow the “gossip” like sheep, and it may result in someone or something being painted in a negative light? But you go along with it or ignore it. Don’t. IF you know it’s wrong, stand up for what you believe in. Know who you are and know that it’s OK. Be kind – NOT basic.


5. Looking for recognition – This behaviour I feel is the most Basic AF. Looking and searching for others opinions on yourself to make sure that you’re ok. Stop that shit. You are responsible for your own happiness no one else. And, if your searching for it from someone else to approve then ya’ll just being basic.

You’re not here for that. You’re here to be your awesome, authentic self – whatever that may be.


There are your 5 simple tips on how to NOT be basic AF. Just live how you want, not how you think you “should”.


Much love,

Hayley x – Master of not being basic AF