How to choose the right crystal Quiz



If you're a crystal lover like me, you’ll probably have a whole lot of beautiful crystals around your house already… But have you ever stopped and wondered why you seem to be attracted to a certain kind? Why do you keep buying Rose Quartz when you already have 3?

If you're new to the game of crystals and want to know what one would be suited to you, then stay tuned and take the quiz below to see what crystal is right for you.

Take note of the number you choose most, and at the end of the quiz you should have a clear winner of what you are needing in your life right now.

Question 1:  When you’re around a lot of people, how do you tend to feel?

  1.  Great - I’m a people person! I love being inspired by others & their energy. I sometimes get a little anxious in bigger groups though.
  2.  Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t, it really depends on the situation. I tend to pick up on others vibes - good or bad - and hold it with me.
  3. If they need me, I’m there! I have a lot of love to give to those around me, though sometimes it can drain me.

Question 2: What would be some of your physical ailments when feeling stressed or over tried. 

  1.  When I'm stressed I often have belts of rage, mood swings. I can feel my blood boil!
  2.  I can often become quiet, find it hard to sleep & process things. Brain fog & feel tension in my neck and shoulders.
  3. I tend to get really emotional over the little things. My heart feels heavy and I need to be reassured by others.

Question 3: What would you need most in your life right now?

  1.  I need more balance especially at that time of the month. I want to feel more grounded and connected within myself with a clear and open mind.
  2.  Protection against negative energy. Less mental stress & tension, to feel refreshed and in control of my environment. To aid my body with environmental toxins.
  3. I need to work on my own self love, my thoughts and any healing from past trauma, especially relationships. I want to create a calm environment for self growth.

Question 4: What part of the body do you feel needs the most healing (emotionally or physically)

  1.  Mind / head. To feel more open and clear.
  2.  Lower back / digestion area. To expel toxins from your environment or others .
  3. Heart / chest to have more self love & trust in others.

Question 5 : The most challenging thing for me right now is...

  1.  Lack of focus or direction in life. Needing clarity & motivation
  2.  Needing protection against negative energy. Battling with inner strength, and in need of a cleansing both physically & emotionally
  3. Trusting myself & others, especially when it comes to relationships. Needing to heal the heart.

If you're…

Mostly 1's: 

You need Amethyst! Amethyst is a beautiful balancing mineral. It relieves stress, soothes irritability, balances mood swings, dispels anger, fear and anxiety. Amethyst aids to calm & stimulate the mind, helping you become more clear and focused, enhancing memory & improving motivation while feeling balanced. The perfect place for this is around the house on a windowsill so you can see the beautiful purple crystal formation shining in the sun. Bliss!


Mostly 2’s:

You need Black Obsidian! Obsidian is a strong protective stone. It forms a shield against emotional & psychic negativity. It also blocks & absorbs negative energies from the environment. Obsidian aids in the process of mental stress & tension, dissolves emotional blockages & aids in healing past traumas. It also promotes qualities of compassion & strength. Place Obsidian in your hallway or at your front door for protection from other people's energy.

Mostly 3’s: 

You need Rose Quartz. Rose Quartz is the stone of love. It restores trust and harmony in relationships, encouraging unconditional love. Rose Quartz aids in healing all loving relationships, self love, friendship and romantic love. Place Rose Quartz in your bedroom & under your pillow, it is the feel good crystal, helping you absorb loving and healing energy - promoting calmness and aiding you in restful sleep.