Ruby The Fairy



Hair golden, eyes like honey and a cheeky grin to match. This is Ruby and she is a fairy.


She runs through the gardens not knowing where she will go, but for Ruby that is half the adventure. She darts in an out of the bushes dancing and singing, chasing the butterflies and laughing at the birds in the tree while they sing their songs.

Wild and free she plays with the sun beaming down on her pale skin and her pink dress that shimmers in the light. Ruby then stops to sit down and looks at a plastic flower she found on her adventures, she admires the detail and wonders why someone would’ve left it there. Her sensitive soul begins to show and as she ponders about the possibility of another wee fairy that lost her flower, she values to keep it safe and care for this dainty plastic flower until the fairy returns.

Ruby is a special wee fairy as many will tell you, she sees beauty in things that others do not. She cares deeply and has wisdom beyond her years. She’s playful and goofy but her most magical quality is to love unconditionally even when she feels hurt.

Ruby has this special soul quality, no matter who she meets, she can see passed herself and accept all for who they truly are.

As the sun fades behind the trees, it is now time for Ruby to go home  and lay her head down to dream about all the adventures she will have tomorrow…