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Social responsibilty. “An ethical framework that suggests that an entity, be it an organisation or individual, has an obligation to act for the benefit of society at large. Social responsibility  is a duty every individual has to perform so as to maintain a balance between the economy and the ecosystems.”

(excuse the french) but this is absolute bullsh!*. 


They told us that the boogey man is not real and there are no monsters under the bed, we grow up only to find out that this is correct but they are walking amongst our society instead. They told us that we are to play a role as if our lives are a multiplayer game, but growing up only to realise that this is not the claim and that we are the only ones playing for our fame. So ultimately we are the ones who choose, whether we win or whether we lose.

They told us to never talk to strangers, use the write right grammar and make sure to always use our manners. We are told our gender before we are even out of the womb, we are taught only women and men should say “I do” and we are the ones who are killing other identities because of our belief uncertainties faster than we can sneeze “achoo”.

They told us that if you have a college degree you are worth more than those who don’t, they told us that our worth is determined by the amount we make at work not by the hours that we spend with our family at home. They told us that our worth decreases as our money declines, and that our fate is determined by the job we decide. They told us our worth is dependent mainly on the income we are making, rather than the time we are taking, to spend with those who mean the most. Yet those who are genuinely the happiest don’t appear to even have a god damn cent. So what does this tell me?

This tells me that they told us.

This tells me that they lied.

They lied because we are worth more. We are more than our gender, our sexuality, or our religion. We are worth more than our social responsibility, social health and whats on our social agenda.

We are worth way more than what most of us believe we are worth.

Our importance should not be based on social status, how much money we have in the bank or even who we are related to. It should be based on our desire to love, to be loved and who we show that love to. It should be based on non-materialistic items, not on our branded clothes, our parents wealth or by the first house we brought and carefully chose.

We are worth more than what we have been told. We are worth more than what we believe… We are worth more than this.

We are all loved, wise and powerful . We are all wanted, needed and beautiful. We are all smart and are worth way more than we are told. We are all cherished and deserve to grow old. Knowing that we are worth more, worth much more than what we were told, worth much more than what they told us.

Ruby x


About Ruby

Ruby is 20 years young but an old soul at heart, vegan and currently on the adventure of studying biological sciences to work with wildlife – alongside conservation and ecology to help re-establish populations in wildlife and restore part of the planet that has been destroyed due to human consumption and other matters.

She has found a new passion of writing relatable blogs that everyday people can understand and relate to themselves.

“I want my content to be able to help people to grow and make them find comfort through the fact that other people are most likely going through a similar thing. Everything I write about is true to the heart and from experience which makes it personal and hopefully easier to relate to. I wish you all well and hope that some of my blogs may bring you comfort and closure!”