The Life Of A Peanut Cat

This is Peanut. He is a fat little ginger dwarf cat

Peanut’s role in the C.E.N business is very important. He sits in on most of the meetings, taking in all the important bits of advice I give. He sleeps on the computer desk by my side making sure I am hard at work, and listens to me on the phone to clients. If I ever try to put him outside during work hours, Peanut sure lets me know that this is not okay and that we should be together at all times – especially because he helps runs the business!

Though his life is pretty cozy now, it hasn’t always been this way for dear wee Peanut

Peanut was found near Temuka by a lovely lady who took him in from the cold and helped nursed him back to health. He came to her as a very little, skinny wee cat but had the attitude and personality of a tiger! Peanut could not stay at her house due to her other animals and particularly one cat, so this dear lady took it upon herself to find Peanut a home.

I stumbled across Peanut’s pictures on Facebook, and I instantly fell in love! I originally thought this may have been my cat that went missing a few years ago – and although it was very unlikely, his markings were very much the same. So off my husband and I went to meet this little, short legged, ginger kitty. When we got to where Peanut was staying we knew straight away it was not our missing cat. Peanut was the size of a 6 month old kitten and raced around like a mad thing! He was very affectionate, though very odd looking. He breathed through his mouth and was very sick, but his spirit was as high and feisty as it is today.

I had never seen anything like him before! His legs were like stumps! He was so tiny but yet a few years old! His face also looked a little different… I had to have him!!!

I told the lady that I would happily give this cat a beautiful home and a loving family if his owners were not found.

So Peanut was added to the collection of unfortunate and odd looking cats…

…bringing the total to 3.

Peanut was half wild, though he did have a family at one point. He was fixed and didn’t mind certain humans, but his wilderness and survival skills were still fully intact.

We had to crate him for awhile until he was healthy and more social. It was a long road ahead of late nights, expensive vet bills and training a cat to be a cat. When Peanut joined this family everyone had told me that we shouldn’t of taken him in, that he’s he’s too sick and too wild, that it would be too much work. But I could see the beautiful Peanut cat he is today and though he IS a lot of work, he brings so much joy to our family (on the days he is being a good cat!).

In the end Peanut’s health started to get better. He went through many operations, trips to the vet and re-training, but finally Peanut is now settled into life. He has gained a considerable amount of weight, though he does have a diet plan and exercise regime (much to his disgust!).

He constantly has an ongoing list of mystery illnesses, behavior issues and still doesn’t quite know how to “cat”, causing all sorts of issues in the neighborhood. My husband has refused to take on any more “rescue” cats… but I like to say… only in emergencies! (Hi, Husband here. Nope! We’re at maximum capacity, thanks.)

Though Peanut is a constant battle, he is the life of our house and a much needed member of C.E.N. His constant heavy breathing and his strange wee sounds remind us to look past his abnormalities and adore him for who he is. We will always love our wee Peanut, and when no one else saw your beauty you showed us something more. You showed us forgiveness, patience, gratitude and unconditional love.

Some say cats don’t feel things like that – but Peanut looks at us every day with such a warmth that it makes you forget all the naughty things he does.

Rescuing an animal that has been mistreated, abandoned or never been loved is one of the most rewarding things you can do – to them you are their whole world

Before you think to adopt an animal, check out some places that have some unwanted fur babies and see if you can make a difference in their life. Senior animals need love too, and are often overlooked because they are not cute enough or come with some quirks. Sometimes they can make the most rewarding pets!

If you would like to help kitty in need please check out Street Cats South Canterbury – they do a world of good for these fur babies. They spend countless amounts of hours, giving up their homes and energy to save and rehome the unwanted. Any donations of food or money are always appreciated as this group runs on pure love for animals.

Please check them out – you may find yourself a Peanut Cat (with hopefully less maintenance!)

Some things Peanut likes to do

  • Peanut likes to be a dog – so much that he follows our dog Nova around everywhere. He even goes to the toilet like a dog and we also have to pick up Peanut poo!
  • Peanut loves to give cuddles so much that he will get right up in your face and scrape his teeth along your skin. I think he’s just making sure that you can feel how much love he has for you.
  • He likes pats then he doesn’t… then he does.. Then it’s too much! My husband and I believe that exactly 3 pats is the perfect amount per pat session.
  • Peanut like to go on walks, and even though he is never invited he will happily walk with you around the block.
  • He loves the car. Any chance Peanut gets he jumps into the car and sits in the front sit wondering where his next adventure will take him.
  • Hiding in bushes and running out to attack anyone that is near, then zig zagging back to never be seen again.
  • Throwing up his food in the house. Sometimes pretending to throw up food by making the dreaded “sound” so that we then run over to him. I am sure it is an attention seeking thing.
  • Being your morning alarm. 4am Peanut thinks it is time for everyone to be up and ready for the day.
  • Sneaking in and being the “little spoon” in your bed.
  • Trying to befriend other cats. Peanut doesn’t quite understand the rules of being a cat.