Your Story


Your Story. One life. One story. How will you write it?


You may be comfortable in your 9-5 job or in your relationship but is that really happiness or is that just living? You may have days that flow into each other, weeks that fly by and before you know it, it’s Christmas again, and each year you wonder where the time has gone.

Are you living with purpose? Are you living with intention? Or are you pacing along and being comfortable?


These are the questions I love to ask myself to push myself to strive for more than just “being”. I know this life is short, so I would love to jam pack it full with treasured moments and know when I do rest forever it was totally worth it.


How do you know your full potential if you have never asked questions like this? What is your purpose for this life? Why are you not already living your dream? What makes you happy – truly happy?


It’s not always about work, money, status or whatever you want to call it, it’s about what makes you happy. What makes you get out of bed each morning? What makes you smile, love and leave you wanting more?


My purpose is to help, love, understand and support those who are in need. That is what I have always wanted to do in this life and, that is what I will continue to do because it fills my soul and makes me a better person than yesterday.


Sometimes your purpose won’t pay the bills. In my opinion being happy and feeling grateful is far more rewarding than a pay cheque at the end of the week. But I know everyone needs to get paid, so the question I have for you is: How will you live with intention and purpose, and pay those bills? When we love what we do, it’s never work.


This is your life, your story. You can really write it how you want, you just have to start.

Don’t let those around you write it for you and don’t let your past continue to choose your path. At any given moment you can choose, you can change and you can make the life you only have dreamed of. It just takes the courage to start and to believe that you are not a victim of others. You are your own person, you are the driving force of your life and only YOU can take control of your story.


Good things take time for those who wait, but only after those who take.


Will you live with purpose and intention or will you be okay with just being comfortable?

The only question that is left to ask yourself is… When will your start writing?


Tips for starting:

  • Writing down what you love- Exploring and expanding on different ideas and oppourtunities that may be around you, even if it’s something you have never thought about. Why not try? We grow in those times you feel uncomfortable, and it may be time to step out of that comfort zone and start exploring!
  • Set goals – Big ones, and little ones. Write them down and have them displayed where you can see them everyday. Keep in check with them and change them if needed. As you grow and change your goals may need to as well!
  • Remember to seek the beauty. In all life’s lessons there is always beauty. Personal growth, hardship, moments of bliss – everything has a something to teach us. Seek the beauty and you will find the beautiful moments around you rather than problems. 
  • Practice gratitude – to yourself and others around you. Sometimes we forget the little things because we are so focused on the problems in our life but by practicing gratitude, we can ease those bigger issues and make us happy long term!
  • Find the gift. Sometimes things don’t always work out and that is OK! When we don’t succeed at something it’s not failure, but rather a life lesson. Find the gift in it and ask yourself “what did it teach me”? Where did it bring you? What do you know now that you didn’t before? All these things have value and add substance to your life. Perception is key.
  • Visualisation – Create a vision board! Once you have a better idea of how you want your story to go, start to visualise it! Focusing on your vision every day by thinking about what it would be like or looking at pictures on your board. What you focus on you will become – positive or negative.
  • Be kind to yourself. Talk to yourself like you do your best friend. Kind words, kind thoughts will lead to self love and more confidence x