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The Other Side Of An Eating Disorder

From Write-off to Recovered: The other side of an eating disorder This is for every woman who has ever woken up and stepped on a scale. This is for every woman who has counted a calorie.   Who has said ‘yes’ to the salad when she wanted the pasta.   Who has sweated in the gym because she wanted to change her body.

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The Life Of A Peanut Cat

Peanut’s role in the C.E.N business is very important. He sits in on most of the meetings, taking in all the important bits of advice I give. He sleeps on the computer desk by my side making sure I am hard at work, and listens to me on the phone to clients. If I ever try to put him outside during work hours, Peanut sure lets me know that this is not okay and that we should be together at all times – especially because he helps runs the business!

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The Other Self

We all have those days where self doubt crawls in and our worries take over our personality. For that day, week or even longer we become someone we are truly not. We become our “other self.”

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