Coconut & Lime - Natural Laundry Powder - 1.3kg

Coconut & Lime - Natural Laundry Powder - 1.3kg

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Be the change you want to see. Every small step you take to make better choices for the environment, your health and your families health can start with one small thing and that small step can be changing to organic, no fillers, beautiful washing powder concentrate!

If you’re wanting to reduce waste, be environmentally friendly and minimize your chemical load these products make a great start! With only using 1 teaspoon (wooden and included) per load you will have beautiful washing for days!

Everything in this range is reusable even these paper bags!

A beautiful blend of Coconut and zingy Lime, will have your laundry smelling like a tropical paradise. This concentrate is suitable for the young and old, those with sensitive, delicate skin and allergies.

This 1.3 kg glass  jar will serve as a beautiful statement in your laundry which you can reuse many times! Not only does it look amazing but you should get around 130 + washes per jar costing around 26 cents per wash!

Product Description

Chemical free, borax free, no fillers and Eco friendly natural laundry powder concentrate!


Use 1 teaspoon per load, 2 for heavy load

-safe for front and top loaders and those with sensitive skin


Washing soda, baking soda, coconut washing bar and lime essential oils

1.3 kg reusable glass wear, wooden spoon included!